scrab|ble «SKRAB uhl», verb, -bled, -bling, noun.
1. to scratch or scrape about, as with hands or claws; scramble: »

to scrabble up a sandbank. She scrabbled among the papers (H. G. Wells).

2. to struggle or scramble feverishly or desperately: »

to scrabble for scraps of food, Figurative. to scrabble for a living. Figurative. Similar cars driven by other men scream and scrabble for a footing on the roadway (Atlantic).

3. to scrawl; scribble.
1. to scratch; scrape: »

But Tubal got him a pointed rod, and scrabbled the earth for corn (Rudyard Kipling).

2. to scratch or rake hurriedly; obtain by scratching or raking about.
3. to scrawl (something) or upon (something).
1. a scrabbling; scraping; scramble.
2. a scrawling character, writing, etc.
[< Dutch schrabbelen (frequentative) < schrabben to scratch]
Scrab|ble «SKRAB uhl», noun.
Trademark. a game played on a board with small tiles having printed letters which the players try to fit together to spell words.

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